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Swords and Souls cheats codes (Swords and Souls)

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Cheats to game Swords and Souls (Swords and Souls):
Button 1 - Activate lives, Button 2 - UP level, Button 3 - Status glasses, Button 4 - Skill points, Button 5 - Talent points!

Description of the game Swords and Souls with cheats:

Swords and Souls with cheats (Swords and Souls)
Ancient Rome was remembered to us not only as an effectively functioning economic mechanism, but also as a venue for gladiatorial fights. In the arena many bodies and souls of brave fighters have been ruined, so be careful and try to survive at any cost. Before going out to the stadium, practice with your dummy teacher and learn a few new ways of fighting. Cross swords with the best fighters of the game world and become the best of them.