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Ricochet Kills (Ricochet Kills) with cheats

Ricochet Kills

Infinite ammunition!

Deadswitch 2 (Deadswitch 2) with cheats

Deadswitch 2

When you buy money is added.

Deadswitch (Deadswitch) with cheats



Max Fury Death Racer (Max Fury Death Racer) with cheats

Max Fury Death Racer

When you buy money is added.

Death Racers (Death Racers) with cheats

Death Racers

All levels are unlocked, endless fuel and ammunition!

Deadly Road Trip (Deadly Road Trip) with cheats

Deadly Road Trip

All upgrades are free!

Deadly Race (Deadly Race) with cheats

Deadly Race

A lot of ammunition!

Random Heroes (Random Heroes) with cheats

Random Heroes

Much money!

Elephant Quest (Elephant Quest) with cheats

Elephant Quest

Endless health and experience!

Scuba (Scuba) with cheats


Infinite health and oxygen!

Scrap Metal Heroes (Scrap Metal Heroes) with cheats

Scrap Metal Heroes

Infinite resources.

Scrappers. Glass Gun (Scrappers. Glass Gun) with cheats

Scrappers. Glass Gun

When you buy money is added.

Vault of Xenos (Vault of Xenos) with cheats

Vault of Xenos

Button 4 - Lives, Button 5 - Health units, Button 6 - Skill, Button 7 - Kill

Tales of Terratos (Tales of Terratos) with cheats

Tales of Terratos

Button 1 - Activate barrier health, Button 2 - Secret points, Button 3 - Fury,

The Truth Simulation (The Truth Simulation) with cheats

The Truth Simulation

Much money!

Hero Simulator: Idle Adventures (Hero Simulator: Idle Adventures) with cheats

Hero Simulator: Idle Adventures

Button 1 - Auto-Gold, Button 2 - A lot of gold, Button 3 - A lot of honor,

Hero Simulator (Hero Simulator) with cheats

Hero Simulator

Button 1 - Gold, Button 2 - Honor, Button 3 - Increase the level!

Businessman Simulator 2 (Businessman Simulator 2) with cheats

Businessman Simulator 2

Button 1 - AutoMoney, Button 2 - A lot of money, Button 3 - Stars!