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Swords and Sandals 3 cheats codes (Swords and Sandals 3)

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Cheats to game Swords and Sandals 3 (Swords and Sandals 3):
Click the "Plus" button at the top right of the screen to download and activate the hacks and click the desired one: Money, jump to the next level, Level, Victories, Losses, Strength, Vitality, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility.

Description of the game Swords and Sandals 3 with cheats:

Swords and Sandals 3 with cheats (Swords and Sandals 3)
The third part and most likely the most popular of all, which will help the player to plunge into the past, in the days of gladiatorial battles. Swords and Sandals 3 - an excellent mixture of role-playing game and tactical strategy, which can captivate anyone, even the most demanding and experienced player. The curiosity of the game lies in the ability to "pump out" your character,