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V8 Muscle Cars cheats codes (V8 Muscle Cars)

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Cheats to game V8 Muscle Cars (V8 Muscle Cars):
Machines and tracks are unlocked. + infinite nitro!

Description of the game V8 Muscle Cars with cheats:

V8 Muscle Cars with cheats (V8 Muscle Cars)
The noise of the turbines, the roar of engines and the squeaking of the wheels of your car will become your constant companion. Muscle Cars are related to those types of racing, which, despite a primitive schedule, can fall in love with a player in earnest and for long. Make of a rusty trough with nails a real world-class car and champagne from the hands of rivals will constantly pour on you as the winner of the stages around the world. To win competitions, you need to demonstrate excellent driving skills and the ability to respond quickly to changes in the environment.