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V8 Muscle Cars 3 cheats codes (V8 Muscle Cars 3)

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Cheats to game V8 Muscle Cars 3 (V8 Muscle Cars 3):
Machines and tracks are unlocked. + infinite nitro!

Description of the game V8 Muscle Cars 3 with cheats:

V8 Muscle Cars 3 with cheats (V8 Muscle Cars 3)
The smell of burnt rubber, the hum of the motors and the gloss of the polished metal returned to the monitors again. The game is a classic race in which you need to become the best of the best. At the beginning of the game the task is greatly complicated by a bad car, but the earned prize money spent on improving the car does its job and turns the wheel into a luxury high-speed car. Winning in the race is really difficult - rivals have not only a high level of training, but also in every possible way try to prevent reaching the finish line first. Muscle Cars is a game for real men who love drive and fast driving.