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Outpost: Haven cheats codes (Outpost: Haven)

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Cheats to game Outpost: Haven (Outpost: Haven):
Infinite health and ammo!

Description of the game Outpost: Haven with cheats:

Outpost: Haven with cheats (Outpost: Haven)
The long-forgotten genre of shooters with a top view again gaining popularity. The extraterrestrial shelter of earthlings was captured by a colony of an unknown species of beetles. Each meter of cleaned space will be given to the hero and his partner with great difficulty. Successful execution of the operation will become a pledge of further colonization of a remote outpost. In case of failure, all attempts to settle in other worlds will fail. The price is high, so there is no way to retreat. Beetles attack from everywhere, so you need to show the skills of reaction and closely monitor what is happening around.