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Alienocalypse cheats codes (Alienocalypse)

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Cheats to game Alienocalypse (Alienocalypse):
When shopping, DNA and evolution points are added!

Description of the game Alienocalypse with cheats:

Alienocalypse with cheats (Alienocalypse)
To understand the aliens you need to act like an alien. Alienocalypse is a unique opportunity to visit the skin of aliens trying to capture the planet Earth. The task of the player is to drop cocoons from the flying object into unoccupied places. It would seem that the task is clear and simple. But mankind does not intend to sit on the defensive and actively shoots at strangers, in every possible way interfering with the performance of another mission. A suitable place for the landing of cocoons guarantees that they will quickly develop and will have time to destroy the settlements and the military infrastructure of people.