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Amigo Pancho 5 cheats codes (Amigo Pancho 5)

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Cheats to game Amigo Pancho 5 (Amigo Pancho 5):
Button 1 immortality, Button 2 next level

Description of the game Amigo Pancho 5 with cheats:

Amigo Pancho 5 with cheats (Amigo Pancho 5)
The saga of the brave Amigo Pancho continues in Peru. This time, a hero who prefers traveling on two balloons must overcome all the obstacles that will meet on his way in these harsh lands and violate the bandits' plans for environmental pollution. Each local inhabitant strives to bring down the brave Amigo and put an end to his path. The player should beware of traps, sharp objects, improper wind, etc. The path of the hero is complex and long, so you need to carefully choose the path of movement and remember that the danger can appear in the most unexpected place.