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Anti Zombie Bunker cheats codes (Anti Zombie Bunker)

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Cheats to game Anti Zombie Bunker (Anti Zombie Bunker):
Button 1 - Health switch, Button 2 - Recharge time, Button 3 - Money

Description of the game Anti Zombie Bunker with cheats:

Anti Zombie Bunker with cheats (Anti Zombie Bunker)
The time has come when the planet was threatened with the enslavement of zombies. On the forward line is a tiny bunker, which is the basis of all defense. The player is given the right to become a hero, reflecting the wave-like invasions of enemies. After killing each zombie, the game account is increased, and the accumulated funds can be purchased upgrades to defensive fortifications or cannons. Prove your valor that alone you can fight against an army of ruthless creatures. Arsenal of the bunker consists of small arms, rockets, shockers, etc.