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Anti Terorrist Rush cheats codes (Anti Terorrist Rush)

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Cheats to game Anti Terorrist Rush (Anti Terorrist Rush):
Button 1 - Increase health, Button 2 - Increase time, Button 3 - Kill all terrorists, Button 4 - Money

Description of the game Anti Terorrist Rush with cheats:

Anti Terorrist Rush with cheats (Anti Terorrist Rush)
The growing terrorist threat makes the hero, who gave all his conscious life to fighting criminals, re-engage in the fight against evil. The protagonist confronts hundreds of trained terrorists preparing their crimes in different parts of the world. The player will act in the conditions of a mega city, a jungle, a rocket station, etc. A pleasant cartoon schedule effectively discharges the tension situation during the next responsible operation. Involve in the fight against the enemy aircraft, helicopters, tanks, heavy equipment and do not stop at anything on the way to your goal.