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Penguins Attack 2 cheats codes (Penguins Attack 2)

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Cheats to game Penguins Attack 2 (Penguins Attack 2):
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Description of the game Penguins Attack 2 with cheats:

Penguins Attack 2 with cheats (Penguins Attack 2)
Peaceful city was sleeping quietly, waiting for a new day. In the silence of the night, war cries were heard and the enemy began to attack your fortress with all his strength. In the face of the enemy appeared outwardly lovely penguins, who for a long time were nurturing plans for the conquest of the world. The main task of the player is not to allow frenzied creatures to break through the constantly improved line of defense. The decision here must be taken instantly, erecting new defensive redoubts on the sites of the greatest accumulation of evil creatures. Only innate strategic skills will help the player to repel an invasion and competently use limited resources.