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Aero Defense cheats codes (Aero Defense)

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Cheats to game Aero Defense (Aero Defense):
Button 1 - Increase health, Button 2 - Zoom bombs, Button 3 - Add money!

Description of the game Aero Defense with cheats:

Aero Defense with cheats (Aero Defense)
Each combat flight for the pilot is a special and unforgettable business. In the sky dominated by hundreds of enemy aircraft and only one hero is able to restore heavenly space to peace and tranquility. Sitting behind the wheel of a maneuverable aircraft, it is necessary to destroy as many enemy crews as possible, while earning coins and bonuses. When you receive a certain number of coins, you can improve your own fighter and become an even more formidable force in the airspace. Only real aces can become masters of the sky, who have correctly chosen the strategy of development and react instantly to the appearance of the enemy.