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Band of Heroes cheats codes (Band of Heroes)

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Cheats to game Band of Heroes (Band of Heroes):
When you buy money is added.

Description of the game Band of Heroes with cheats:

Band of Heroes with cheats (Band of Heroes)
If you want to save the world, then do it alone. Such a philosophy is inherent in this game, where a weakly armed hero tries independently to destroy all the evil that the game world is teeming with. Gradually, the character develops, earns money on his exploits and recruits the same daredevils who do their best to perform tasks one by one. To successfully pass all the tests, you need to constantly keep your hand on the pulse of the game. Having earned the right amount of coins, make improvements to the hero and his entourage, otherwise evil enemies in a moment will devour the daring adventurers. Scold the gang and become the authoritative leader of the fearless warriors!