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Knightmare Tower cheats codes (Knightmare Tower)

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Cheats to game Knightmare Tower (Knightmare Tower):
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Description of the game Knightmare Tower with cheats:

Knightmare Tower with cheats (Knightmare Tower)
The walls of the mysterious tower scared away all the heroes who fled from one kind of gloomy structure in a panic. Only one character took upon himself the responsibility to return freedom to 10 princesses who spend their bleak days in prison at the very top of an impregnable bastion. The task of the hero is complicated by the fact that the building completely lacks stairs. Valorous heart displays intelligence and knowledge, swiftly taking off to the dungeon with the help of a rocket launcher. A faithful sword stabs enemies, and innate valor is trying to reach the impossible and save the imprisoned princesses from their nightmares.