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Tower of Destiny cheats codes (Tower of Destiny)

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Cheats to game Tower of Destiny (Tower of Destiny):
Button 1 - Lives, Button 2- Add shield, Button 3 - Add magnet, Button 4 - Stones, Button 5 - Coins

Description of the game Tower of Destiny with cheats:

Tower of Destiny with cheats (Tower of Destiny)
The fate of a small creature depends on his ability to overcome obstacles on the way to the top of the high tower. The protagonist copes with many obstacles and gradually collects all the treasures hidden in the walls of the tower. Unobtrusive 2-D graphics enhance the sense of presence and make you feel a bold character who is stubbornly moving towards his goal. Your task is to guide the defenseless hero on the road to success and save his life in order to multiply the glory obtained during the passage of locations. There is only a way up, there are no other options.