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Headless Zombie cheats codes (Headless Zombie)

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Cheats to game Headless Zombie (Headless Zombie):
All levels are unlocked!

Description of the game Headless Zombie with cheats:

Headless Zombie with cheats (Headless Zombie)
The protagonist of the saga bears the name Karl and is a hereditary nobleman. Envying the wealth of a noble person, his enemy in the person of an evil magician decides to do meanness. As a result, Karl falls from a height and breaks his neck. After death, the hero turns into a zombie, which easily separates the head from the body. You have to help Karl to regain his possessions. For this it is necessary to pass along the corridors inhabited by hostile characters and successfully overcome dozens of traps. The piquancy is added to the game process by the constantly losing head, without which it is impossible to return the state.