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Ruthless Pandas cheats codes (Ruthless Pandas)

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Cheats to game Ruthless Pandas (Ruthless Pandas):
Button 1 - Increase health, Button 2 - Increase ammunition, Button 3 - Add money!

Description of the game Ruthless Pandas with cheats:

Ruthless Pandas with cheats (Ruthless Pandas)
A television picture of cute black and white cubs, who live in China, can provoke emotion even in the most stale person. The game developers presented the pandas completely from the other side. Vile bears made their way to your planet and shot the reigning monarch. To avenge the reigning person is a matter of honor. Go to the planet of pandas, mercilessly destroying everything that comes to hand. The yard gives the player for these purposes a spaceship equipped with different types of missiles. Currency in the game are crystals. They can be spent on upgrades of an intergalactic vessel.