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Handless Millionaire 2 cheats codes (Handless Millionaire 2)

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Cheats to game Handless Millionaire 2 (Handless Millionaire 2):
Button 1 - Immortality, Button 2 - Stop, Button 3 - Vacuum, Button 4 - Freeze, Button 5 - Win level!

Description of the game Handless Millionaire 2 with cheats:

Handless Millionaire 2 with cheats (Handless Millionaire 2)
The earning of money is often accompanied by a mortal danger. To become a millionaire, it's enough to catch passing bills. What could be easier? Money can be collected only by putting his hands through the sharpened guillotine, which is trying to cut off the limbs. The game perfectly develops the reaction. It is necessary to calculate in advance the trajectory of motion of the extremities to leave the gaming hall not only with a full purse, but also having both hands available. After all, it is much more pleasant to spend money earned on entertainment than on new prostheses.