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Madness - Retaliation cheats codes (Madness - Retaliation)

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Cheats to game Madness - Retaliation (Madness - Retaliation):
A lot of health and action points.

Description of the game Madness - Retaliation with cheats:

Madness - Retaliation with cheats (Madness - Retaliation)
The tranquil course of life was disturbed by the news that a group of mentally unbalanced individuals had decided to create a biological weapon of mass destruction. The player's task is to get through the labyrinths of the laboratory and steal top-secret ingredients. On the way there will be all sorts of evil spirits and psychopaths themselves, developing lethal technology. Only after the discovery and theft of samples, retribution will be committed. Unleash your madness and ruthlessly crush your enemies.