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Madness - Accelerant cheats codes (Madness - Accelerant)

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Cheats to game Madness - Accelerant (Madness - Accelerant):
Infinite lives and cartridges.

Description of the game Madness - Accelerant with cheats:

Madness - Accelerant with cheats (Madness - Accelerant)
Dark locations and cunning enemies will be a catalyst for the player to immerse in the atmosphere of this flash product. Here you wander through the locations, clearing them from the enemy. The ultimate goal of passing is the main boss in the form of a demon, in the battle with which you will need to demonstrate all your skills. The gameplay of this insane scarecrow is complicated by the fact that the number of cartridges in the horn of the machine is limited. Try to shoot accurately, using as much ammunition as possible. You can replenish the arsenal by taking weapons from defeated enemies.