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Madness - Project Nexus cheats codes (Madness - Project Nexus)

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Cheats to game Madness - Project Nexus (Madness - Project Nexus):
Infinite health and ammo!

Description of the game Madness - Project Nexus with cheats:

Madness - Project Nexus with cheats (Madness - Project Nexus)
The chain paws of terrorist organizations broke through to all levels of government. The Nexus project is designed to clean cities of terrorists, but to accomplish the task they will need only the best of the best. The player tries on the role of a well-trained special forces soldier who has completed training in the possession of all types of weapons. Shooting, fights on knives, explosions, traps, ingenious tricks are just a small part of the arsenal of the insane hero. The enemies are well equipped and are not going to give up without a fight. We are facing a heavy and bloody battle for the sake of the future planet.