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Slash Zombies Rampage cheats codes (Slash Zombies Rampage)

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Cheats to game Slash Zombies Rampage (Slash Zombies Rampage):
Button 6 - Get armor, Button 7 - Get fuel, Button 8 - Get money!

Description of the game Slash Zombies Rampage with cheats:

Slash Zombies Rampage with cheats (Slash Zombies Rampage)
Above the world, another threat looms. This time, crowds of zombies returned to the streets of the city, which destroy all life on their way. Unfortunately, the townspeople are cowardly and are not able to fight the aliens. Take up arms and defeat the undead in an unequal battle. Killing monsters, you can use any methods. Defeat means the enslavement of this world. Mercy does not have to wait, so the insane slaughter is the only way to save the planet. In the end, the zombies can not resist the onslaught of a brave hero and go to the forefathers.