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Moto X Madness 3 cheats codes (Moto X Madness 3)

Cheats to game Moto X Madness 3 (Moto X Madness 3):
All motorcycles are unlocked.

Description of the game Moto X Madness 3 with cheats:

Moto X Madness 3 with cheats (Moto X Madness 3)
To all amateurs motocross devoted. Complex routes, an abundance of turns and elevations, puddles of dirt and hard-to-reach places - all this madness united in one game product. If you decide to rush headlong, then the passage of the track will end with a broken neck on the first obstacle. Carefully pass level after level, improve the hinge of the motorcycle and become a legendary raiser, able to overcome the mind-boggling obstacles. Beat records and open new tracks, each of which will be more difficult than the previous one.