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Mad Day cheats codes (Mad Day)

Cheats to game Mad Day (Mad Day):
Button 1 - Increase Health, Button 2 - Money, Button 3 - Turbo, Button 4 - Berserk!

Description of the game Mad Day with cheats:

Mad Day with cheats (Mad Day)
The invasion of aliens was a complete surprise for the experienced commando. The hero would not get involved in long-term hostilities, if the aliens did not kidnap his favorite aquarium octopus. A perfectly prepared jeep awaits departure on a long trip. Do not forget to bring along all the weapons that are available. Alien can be destroyed by any means. Pity to the hero is not peculiar and he skillfully makes his way through a host of enemies. Enemies are also quite skilled and just do not take them with bare hands. In general, there will be a crazy race, only one can survive.