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Mad Day 2 cheats codes (Mad Day 2)

Cheats to game Mad Day 2 (Mad Day 2):
The second car is pumped to the maximum!

Description of the game Mad Day 2 with cheats:

Mad Day 2 with cheats (Mad Day 2)
The protagonist of the game of the soul does not cherish in his home octopus. And it was necessary to happen that it was on the birthday of the pet that he was kidnapped and taken to an unknown direction. You need to help the owner to return the favorite creature to the aquarium. For a quicker chase, we use the car and arm ourselves with everything that comes to hand. In the process of passing it turns out that the number of intruders significantly exceeds the expected limits. We smash all the living things into chips and finish this crazy race with the liberation of our favorite octopus.