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Crazy Flasher 3 cheats codes (Crazy Flasher 3)

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Cheats to game Crazy Flasher 3 (Crazy Flasher 3):
Much money!

Description of the game Crazy Flasher 3 with cheats:

Crazy Flasher 3 with cheats (Crazy Flasher 3)
The streets of the city outskirts promise trouble in the dark. Dozens of gangs are trying to seize the territory in order to dictate their rules there. To fight the criminal element rises insane fighter, who strive to defeat the enemy in a fair fight. After the battle won, Flasher receives additional coins, and in case of defeat - he will have to pay the criminals payoff. The goal of the deadly battle is to defeat all gangs, to seize their money and property and to look beyond the city streets. You can use special techniques that will allow you to deal with several opponents at once.