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Infinity Inc cheats codes (Infinity Inc)

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Cheats to game Infinity Inc (Infinity Inc):
Button 1 - Increase clones, Button 2 - Key, Button 3 - Win level!

Description of the game Infinity Inc with cheats:

Infinity Inc with cheats (Infinity Inc)
In the game, the hero will have to fight with a huge number of clones created by a unique atomic cannon. If you do not stop her endless shots in time, the cloned characters will quickly enslave the world. Battling with the same type of creatures, the hero breaks his way to save the planet. Those players who are nostalgic for the prefixes of the early 90's and 9-bit graphics this product will lead to indescribable delight. Make your way to the gun through a string of obstacles through the dark corridors of the cloaca. The path to the goal is complicated, but the reward deserves the spent effort.