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Biometal cheats codes (Biometal)

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Cheats to game Biometal (Biometal):
Endless money, health.

Description of the game Biometal with cheats:

Biometal with cheats (Biometal)
Work at the biometallic plant was held in the usual mode, when a terrible catastrophe occurred. As a result, there was only one person left at the enterprise who was not mutated. His name is Kerry and you will have to manage it. The task of the game is simple - get out of the labyrinths of the sinister plant alive. Corridors of the factory for the production of biomaterial are teeming with zombies, who before the disaster were its employees. An additional danger is born by crowds of slugs, unexpectedly appearing because of the nearest turn. Every living creature strives to have breakfast for you, but the task to survive at any cost has not been canceled yet.