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The Cheapskates cheats codes (The Cheapskates)

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Cheats to game The Cheapskates (The Cheapskates):
Button 1 - switches the game to the next level

Description of the game The Cheapskates with cheats:

The Cheapskates with cheats (The Cheapskates)
The desire will receive as much money as possible, driven by greedy Chipcates. The heroes of the game do not differ in their love for work and they want to receive the treasured coins without leaving their homes. Help arrogant arrogocrats catch bags of money and replenish an already huge treasury. Screws are made in the form of balls, which not only roll around the house, but also can fly. Your task is to collect as much money as possible, gradually moving towards the main treasure bag. In this case, you need to ensure that the greedy did not fly outside the room.