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Gods of Arena cheats codes (Gods of Arena)

Cheats to game Gods of Arena (Gods of Arena):
Button 1 - Increase health, Button 2 - Abilities, Button 3 - One hit, Button 4 - Gold, Button 5 - Win level!

Description of the game Gods of Arena with cheats:

Gods of Arena with cheats (Gods of Arena)
A rare lover of history will not remember the famous Coliseum at the mention of Rome. The player will have to take responsibility for the preparation of the gladiators, who will fight in the arena of the famous building. If the gods are supportive of you, then the wards will hold out until the next dawn. The bloodthirsty public craves for fatal endings, so try not to let the enemy fall victim to you. The plebeians and patricians want bread and circuses. Only on the gladiators depends on how high quality these spectacles will be. Only the strongest survive, and they can only become through persistent training, quests and battles in the lists.