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Battle Mechs cheats codes (Battle Mechs)

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Cheats to game Battle Mechs (Battle Mechs):
Button 1-Health, Button 2 - day, Button 3 - experience, Button 4 - glasses, Button 5 - Activation of shields!

Description of the game Battle Mechs with cheats:

Battle Mechs with cheats (Battle Mechs)
Outside the window of 2199. Entertainment beginning of the XXI century. long forgotten - now to the heights of glory you can come only one way. It consists in creating a combat robot and battles with other furs. At first this activity may seem daunting, but over time the hero will build up new ammunition and weapons and become a real fighting machine for victories. Do not forget to wear a nano suit and take a seat behind the control panel of the fur. Only response and resourcefulness will help you stand in the battle against insidious robots. Enter your name in the list of the best fighters of this unique game!