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Mutant Fighting Cup 2 cheats codes (Mutant Fighting Cup 2)

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Cheats to game Mutant Fighting Cup 2 (Mutant Fighting Cup 2):
Button 1 - Restore life, Button 2 - Reduce the life of the enemy!

Description of the game Mutant Fighting Cup 2 with cheats:

Mutant Fighting Cup 2 with cheats (Mutant Fighting Cup 2)
Domestic developers of flash games have proved that they are in no way inferior to foreign developers. Create your own unique mutant, and prove that fighting qualities can lead him to the heights of glory. At the very beginning of the game, the user is encouraged to experiment on an inoffensive puppy, giving him three unique characteristics. It is interesting to observe how the unintentional small dog eventually turns into a machine for fights and crushes the club of the most serious opponents in the arena. Create a unique mutant, one mention of whose name will make the enemies tremble.