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Bomber at War 2 cheats codes (Bomber at War 2)

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Cheats to game Bomber at War 2 (Bomber at War 2):
Button 5 - Increase health, Button 6 - Turn off overheating, Button 7 - Toggle gun, Button 8 - Bombs, Button 9 - Money

Description of the game Bomber at War 2 with cheats:

Bomber at War 2 with cheats (Bomber at War 2)
This game is an excellent confirmation of the thesis that even one warrior can decide the outcome of the great battles. Sit at the helm of an old, but reliable aircraft, and dynamically destroy from the air strategic enemy targets. By gaining experience and earning money, you can gradually turn your flying machine into a new machine for bombing. The situation is complicated by the fact that enemy fighters try in every possible way to prevent you from carrying out the assigned task. To neutralize them, a machine gun installed on the aircraft's side is useful. Shot horror in the hands of the enemy and return home with a victory!