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Fart King Bros cheats codes (Fart King Bros)

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Cheats to game Fart King Bros (Fart King Bros):
Endless lives!

Description of the game Fart King Bros with cheats:

Fart King Bros with cheats (Fart King Bros)
When the enemy burns his native village, the heroes do not get to jokes. Especially when it comes to two temperamental brothers living in a remote village in the middle of the jungle. Black brothers have a superpower - they can control their own bunches and thanks to this, take off to considerable distance. The main characters eat only potatoes, which promotes abundant release of gases. Elder after another feast finds that from the village suddenly disappeared sacred totems. Responsible mission of the return of relics to the father's house is placed on the brave Pukov. There is only one problem, the brothers can not move away from each other, so it's worth keeping an eye on that they do not run away during the adventure.