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Hobo 2 - Prison Brawl cheats codes (Hobo 2 - Prison Brawl)

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Cheats to game Hobo 2 - Prison Brawl (Hobo 2 - Prison Brawl):
Endless health!

Description of the game Hobo 2 - Prison Brawl with cheats:

Hobo 2 - Prison Brawl with cheats (Hobo 2 - Prison Brawl)
The main rule of the prison is beat first. This statement is clearly followed by an unlucky tramp who, due to constant noise, suffers from insomnia in the prison walls. Calm sleep is possible only outside the walls of the correctional institution, so our hero is trying hard to leave the institution with all his might. To carry out his plans, he has to go through many fights with other prisoners and prison guards. The way to freedom is long and dangerous, but a healthy dream and peace of mind are beyond stupid laws. Beat all in your path and have fun with the process.