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Armor Mayhem cheats codes (Armor Mayhem)

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Cheats to game Armor Mayhem (Armor Mayhem):
Endless money, adrenaline, health, cartridges.

Description of the game Armor Mayhem with cheats:

Armor Mayhem with cheats (Armor Mayhem)
The planet in the distant future has faced a global problem of a shortage of energy resources. The world is doomed, if the crew of the spacecraft does not find in the expanses of the universe a powerful source of energy replenishment. When it seems that all searches will fail, the ship's commander discovers an unknown planet, on the surface of which crystals are seen radiating a powerful energy impulse. However, in a distant world there lives a hostile population, which accepted the ship for the next replenishment with its slave power. You will be able to survive only an armored fighter who will furiously fight the bloodthirsty aborigines.