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Armored Fighter - New War cheats codes (Armored Fighter - New War)

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Cheats to game Armored Fighter - New War (Armored Fighter - New War):
It is necessary to reach level 1 that all items become free!

Description of the game Armored Fighter - New War with cheats:

Armored Fighter - New War with cheats (Armored Fighter - New War)
Aliens attack, and their attack occurs using the latest technology. In this game you have to sit down for the remote control of an alien combat unit, which looks like a huge armored robot. This fighter of all living things must destroy the opposing forces of people. The city authorities, in which the events take place, are taking desperate measures to eliminate the foreign object, but the level of development of their weapons does not allow to effectively cope with an unknown machine for murder. Help aliens reign on earth and enslave the human race.