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Bois D`Arc cheats codes (Bois D`Arc)

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Cheats to game Bois D`Arc (Bois D`Arc):
Button 1 - Increase life, Button 2 - Increase shooting, Button 3 - Win level!

Description of the game Bois D`Arc with cheats:

Bois D`Arc with cheats (Bois D`Arc)
Be converted to an archer and shoot an impending enemy from the walls of your fortress. Under normal conditions, the chances of victory over the enemy are minimal, but the protagonist has a surprise for the enemy. In his hands is an unusual bow made of wood of a magic tree. The inhabitants of Sedonia are hoping for a magical artifact and waiting for a joyous cry, announcing the victory over the advancing troops. The enemy is besieging the fortress from all sides, but the arrows of the enchanted weapon disperse the evil spirits without knowing rest. Become the hero of Sedonia and write your name on the list of legendary personalities of this fictional country.