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Notebook Wars 2 cheats codes (Notebook Wars 2)

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Cheats to game Notebook Wars 2 (Notebook Wars 2):
When you buy money is added.

Description of the game Notebook Wars 2 with cheats:

Notebook Wars 2 with cheats (Notebook Wars 2)
War is the property of real men. The drawing war is the lot of real men with a wild fantasy. Continuation of the famous game, in which you have to take up the helm of the painted aircraft and perform a series of missions to protect your native land. Now at your disposal is not an outdated aircraft of the Second World War, but a modern aircraft equipped with the latest weapons. We carry out tasks, we open new types of weapons and improve the flying miracle of technology, which knows no equal in paper wars. Destroy everything that creeps, flies or goes to the battlefield and become the sole ruler of the notebook.