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Awesome Conquest cheats codes (Awesome Conquest)

Cheats to game Awesome Conquest (Awesome Conquest):
Button 1 - Add life, Button 2 - Switch to immortality, Button 3 - Gold, Button 4 - Mana, Button 5 - Murders!

Description of the game Awesome Conquest with cheats:

Awesome Conquest with cheats (Awesome Conquest)
At the dawn of civilization at the forefront was the expansion of its own territory and an increase in the number of resources for food. In order for this mission to be completed successfully, you need to unite under your banners the men who are at a primitive stage of development. Build a settlement, strengthen its defensive line, increase the number of warriors and enemies will tremble before you. To win come only players who commit quick and decisive action. Do not wait, attack first and your conquests will not keep you waiting.