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Vampire Physics cheats codes (Vampire Physics)

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Cheats to game Vampire Physics (Vampire Physics):
All levels are unlocked!

Description of the game Vampire Physics with cheats:

Vampire Physics with cheats (Vampire Physics)
Is it easy for vampires to live in this world? Of course not. People do not want to replenish their ranks, and werewolves, after waiting for the full moon, begin to incessantly attack the poor vampires. Help blood lovers to instill vampires into people and destroy formidable lycanthropes. Avoid monks and amulets of garlic and then glory will certainly come to your castle. The thirst for blood is above all, so do not waste time and go to a night feast. In the afternoon it is recommended not to be shown in the sun, as the pale skin reacts badly to the rays and the blood in the veins begins to boil. Become the most powerful vampire of our time and keep in fear the whole neighborhood!