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Age of Defense 3 cheats codes (Age of Defense 3)

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Cheats to game Age of Defense 3 (Age of Defense 3):
Button 1 - Increase Prada, Button 2 - Enable disable Prada, Button 3 - Increase health, Button 4 - Turn off the state of the base, Button 5 - Win level, Button 6 - Refresh points!

Description of the game Age of Defense 3 with cheats:

Age of Defense 3 with cheats (Age of Defense 3)
Defense and attack, valor and honor have merged in this amazing game. The player begins the passage as an elder of a medieval settlement and gradually develops technology, bringing his subjects to the heights of technological progress. Here weapons from bows to airplanes are represented, magicians and griffins side by side with high-precision machine guns. Your goal is to capture the enemy base. To do this, you must bring at least four of your fighters to someone else's flag. Be careful, because the enemy does not sleep and develops as quickly as you do.