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CycloManiacs cheats codes (CycloManiacs)

Cheats to game CycloManiacs (CycloManiacs):
All upgrades are very cheap.

Description of the game CycloManiacs with cheats:

CycloManiacs with cheats (CycloManiacs)
Heroes of the game like to have fun in the company of friends. After reading the information that a new amusement park was opened in the city, the characters immediately went to investigate the curiosities of the fresh complex. To begin with, they decided to saddle their bikes and identify the best in races over rough terrain. Each of the cycloManiacs wants to come to the finish line first, but it's rather difficult. Watch the speed of the vehicle and try to overcome obstacles quickly, but very carefully. Despite the external ease of routes, cyclists have to drive through many difficult areas.