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Bomb It 7 cheats codes (Bomb It 7)

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Cheats to game Bomb It 7 (Bomb It 7):
Button 1 - Enable immortality, Button 2 - Add health, Button 3 - Add bombs, Button 4 - Add energy, Button 5 - Add speed, Button 6 - Get bonus, Button 7 - Win level, Button 8 - Reset!

Description of the game Bomb It 7 with cheats:

Bomb It 7 with cheats (Bomb It 7)
More vivid reincarnation of all beloved Bomberman waits for his admirers. The main goal of the game is to destroy the enemy by putting a bomb in his way. Here, the human intellect appears, the ability to plan your actions a few steps forward and the desire to win by any means. Defeat rivals, open secret levels and comprehend the basics of subversion. An additional advantage of the game is the multiplayer mode, which allows friends to fight among themselves for the title of the best demolitionist.