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Dynamite Blast cheats codes (Dynamite Blast)

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Cheats to game Dynamite Blast (Dynamite Blast):
A lot of dynamite.

Description of the game Dynamite Blast with cheats:

Dynamite Blast with cheats (Dynamite Blast)
If you dreamed of being a demolitionist, then this game was created specifically for you. Put dynamite in the right places, and the enchanting explosion will not keep you waiting. In total, the product consists of 30 locations. You have to mine transport arteries, multi-story building, cars, bridges, etc. During the passage the player improves his skills, becoming more and more skillful performer of cunning plans. Become the best on the planet specialist in explosions and new contracts will not take long to wait. Enjoy the loud sounds of crumbling buildings and keep busy with your favorite demolition.