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Temple Of Boom cheats codes (Temple Of Boom)

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Cheats to game Temple Of Boom (Temple Of Boom):
Button 1 - Increase Health, Button 2 - Increase Ammo!

Description of the game Temple Of Boom with cheats:

Temple Of Boom with cheats (Temple Of Boom)
A game that keeps you in suspense and makes you completely concentrate on the process of passing. The main character of the shooter is inside the temple and tries to find a way out. On his way there are all kinds of opponents with different skills and characteristics. A character can carry two types of weapons. Keep a close eye on the number of remaining repetitions, because they are not replenished. New weapons can be found by hacking locks in chests, or removing it from dead enemies. Opponents will roll in a huge amount, so try to respond to their appearance as quickly as possible.