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William the Conqueror cheats codes (William the Conqueror)

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Cheats to game William the Conqueror (William the Conqueror):
Endless money.

Description of the game William the Conqueror with cheats:

William the Conqueror with cheats (William the Conqueror)
The enamored Wilhelm went to his fiancé when he learned that the bandits had brazenly stolen his love right under his nose. Turned into a conqueror, the hero goes in search of his beloved girl, incidentally crushing anyone who gets in his way. It turns out that the princess is imprisoned in the castle and it is possible to reach her only through a labyrinth of dangerous corridors. With each new defeated enemy, Wilhelm's characteristics are growing, so the weapons each time cause more and more damage. Use special techniques and carefully study the skill tree for a better leveling of the character.