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Gibbets 4 cheats codes (Gibbets 4)

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Cheats to game Gibbets 4 (Gibbets 4):
Infinite arrows!

Description of the game Gibbets 4 with cheats:

Gibbets 4 with cheats (Gibbets 4)
This time the evil ruler of a small village decides to completely clean the city of the inhabitants. After the publication of the decree about the hanging of everyone living here, innocent people burst into tears and wait for the help of the heavens. Such help comes in your face. Having the bow available, the player must definitely get on the ropes for which the unfortunate are suspended. Be aimed very carefully, because in case of an incorrect hit, the arrow can easily flash the brains of one of the inhabitants of the settlement. In passing, kill all the guards, gain points for accurate shots and master the following location