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Incoming Again cheats codes (Incoming Again)

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Cheats to game Incoming Again (Incoming Again):
Button 5 - Increase health, Button 6 - Add money!

Description of the game Incoming Again with cheats:

Incoming Again with cheats (Incoming Again)
While the generals of your army were awake, the enemy managed to assemble a powerful army and triumphantly moves directly to your fortress. Looking into the arsenal, you find that the amount of supplies is very limited, and to repel the first attack of the enemy is necessary at all costs. Competently place available fighters, send the sniper to the very top of the structure and try to take out as many enemy lives as possible. Over time, the amount of weapons will increase significantly and you will have to think not so much about defense as about the offensive. Break the course of the war in your favor and expel the adversaries from your native land.