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The Rise of a King cheats codes (The Rise of a King)

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Cheats to game The Rise of a King (The Rise of a King):
Endless money and potions!

Description of the game The Rise of a King with cheats:

The Rise of a King with cheats (The Rise of a King)
In this game you will become a knight who wants to dislodge the king. A frail character, appearing at the beginning of the game, gradually becomes a daring fighter, acquiring the necessary skills. Combine the attacks with the sword and cast spells and the effect of the attack will be mind-blowing. Earn money in the game and spend it on buying outfits. Your elevation depends on you. Becoming a king is only half the battle, and keeping the throne sometimes is much more difficult. Do not forget that near the castle a huge number of monsters are wandering around, who also crave the attention of your sword. Collect the travel bag and rush to carry out the call!